Please find the Meeting Minutes : Dated 02/20/2012
Why PFL 25 Wards: Unanimously agreed to focus on 25 wards for following reasons
  • As a stepping stone for 2014 elections to build confidence
  • Gain experience in political campaigning
  • To support LSP in getting “Symbol” permanent.
  • Small groups (wards)  as opposed to entire constituency
What are our next steps:
  • Identify the POC’s in PFL for all the 5 identified constituencies by March 2nd [ Rajani, Sundeep, Sudheer, Suresh ]
  • Identify the POC’s at the ground level for all the 5 identified constituencies by March 2nd [ Rajani, Suresh ]
  • Create awareness about PFL 25 Wards team by reaching out to the chapter leads and the PFL board by March 2nd [ Rajani, Srinivas Ranabothu, Sudheer, Vivek, Sundeep, Suresh ]
  •  Create a knowledge base of the 25 wards that includes [ POC’s ] by March 9th
    • Demography, Opposition, Ward issues, Ground team strength, training, election manifesto etc
  • BMC elections, the numbers by Feb 27 : [ Vivek ]
We’ve taken the liberty to add a few names to take up responsibility, it doesn’t mean other interested volunteers cannot contribute. This is just to get the ball rolling, so if you want to contribute , there is plenty of scope for that and you are more than welcome. Just give us a shout, we are just an email away !

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